Does Your Business Really Need a Website?

If you're asking the question, you may already have a sneaking suspicion that you do.  But you still have to justify the expense and the time to make your business website happen.  So is it really important enough to go to the trouble and expense to get a website set up?  Here are a few things to consider as you make your decision:

  1. Your credibility may be on the line.  
    It's becoming commonplace to go online to find a business or learn more about a business you've heard of.  It's easy and convenient to get an idea of what a business is all about by looking through their website.  If you can't be found online, or you can only be found on social media and in directories, it's easy to assume that you don't take your business very seriously and it's frustrating for the person looking for you.
  2. Consumers need many points of contact and plenty of information before they make a buying decision.
    Your website is an excellent place to tell the story of your business.  You can present everything you think they may want to know and highlight your most important features.  You can make it clear what makes you a better choice than your competition.  There's no better place to do all that than with a website.
  3. You can provide a multi-media experience to engage your visitors.
    Visitors like to gather information in different ways.  Your website is the perfect vehicle to house images, videos, podcasts and slideshows that can increase engagement with your prospective customers.  You can't do that with a brochure.
  4. Your website reflects the latest information about your business.
    There is no better medium to keep things current than your own website.  You can quickly stay on top of changes, new products/services and always have the latest information ready for visitors.
  5. Social media sites cannot substitute for your business website.
    Social media sites can make changes at any time that may affect how your business is presented.  You have only limited control of your business on these sites, so it's really important to have your own website to link to for the full story.  Use your social media sites to help generate interest in your business and encourage them to go to your own website where you control the conversation.

These are just a few of the reasons that a website is good for your business.  There are, of course, many others.  And I'm sure you have reasons to hesitate in taking the plunge into the world of websites (but we'll talk about that later).  The important thing is to come to the best decision for the well-being of your business.  That's what it's all about.