How Google+ Can Help Your Business

Google+ isn't just another social media site.  As far as your business is concerned, it's one of the first social media sites you should establish yourself on.  Besides the fact that Google+ now has 250 million users, what makes Google+ different?

  • Your business page can enhance search results for your website
  • When verified, your page connects you to Google maps and highlights your business in local search results.
  • Anyone looking for your business on the go, can easily find it on mobile phones and tablets.
  • You can use Google Hangout directly from your business page for video calls with customers, prospects, or anyone.

To get started and maximize your Google power:

Go to and click the "Get your page" button.  If you don't have an account with Google already, or a personal Google+ page, you will be asked to create one.Google Plus

To optimize your business page for local search, choose Local Business or Place as the main category.  Next you will be asked to search for your business on Google.  This may seem odd, but Google wants to be sure your business name belongs to you, not someone else.  From there you will be able to enter your business details.

As part of your business details, you must choose the business category that most closely matches what your business does.  Google doesn't show you a list of categories to choose from.  As you start to type in a term to describe your business, Google will offer terms from their list.  Choose the most relevant term.  (You can add more terms later).  If you have a business like ours that doesn't seem to really fit into any of their categories, just do the best you can to get close to what you do.

Next you'll be asked to verify your business.  This is an important step as you will not be highlighted in local searches until you are verified.  It will take a week or so to finish the verification process, so in the meantime you can set up your business page.

The more information you add to your page, the better it is for your ranking with Google.  Follow the steps Google sets out for you to provide all the information you can.

Tips for your page:

  1. Be sure to add your website domain name and email address to the Contact Info.
  2. Use the Introduction section to include your top keywords as well as links to specific pages on your website, if relevant, within the text of your Introduction.
  3. Add both your logo or other representative photo for the inset and a cover photo.  The logo image should be at least 250px x 250px.  The cover photo dimensions recommended are 608px tall by 1080px wide to a maximum of 1192px tall and 2120px wide for it to look it's best.  

These tips will hep you set up your page for maximum effect with Google.  As your page becomes active, your relevancy within your niche will rise, and the easier it will be for people to find you.  Think of Google+ as your social media page with benefits.

Image credit: maigi/123RF Stock Photo.